sâmbătă, 23 august 2014

It will

Falling stars were slipping down the sky, flying above the broken people from the broken city. All these tears are searching for a reason because this life has begun with no purpose and we're not searching for it because birth means just life, while death means truth. It seems we want truth and a little less life. We truly want death. Life has a purpose: rebirth. Another chance that we were waiting for our whole past lives.

Behind all these things... I wonder... Why can't you feel me? Why don't you see I'm coming from you?! I've been born inside your damn stomach once with those flying butterflies and my heart has grown wildly inside your heart. My soul knows your soul very well... They're invisible blood. We have a link between us that resists without love or life. Our dead link is alive through us. It exists and has no beginning and lives without ending. I wonder if it will ever fall in the darkness around us or it is going to make love with the moon, desperately in the sky, illuminate the stars. Because this powerful link between us is going to make the moon brighter than the sun and the warmth will make the meteorites collide.

Your colors are my colors. 

Believe me, love, I do feel your voice in my bones, your soul is lying in my chest and I swear I live through you.

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